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Price List

Below are prices for the most common repairs available at A.G.W if you dont see a specific repair just call me for a quote or to make an appointment to evaluate your instrument.


Full set-up 

Guitar/Bass (with standerd bridge)     $40.00

Guitar (with floating bridge)               $50.00

Work includes, truss rod adjustment, set action at nut and bridge, set intonation, check and tighten all hardware,polish frets, condition fretboard, restring,(strings not included) and test.

Basic set-up

Guitar/Bass (standerd bridge)      $25.00

Guitar (floating bridge)                $35.00

Work includes, truss rod adjustment, set action at bridge, set intonation, restring (strings not included). 


Fret Work

Fret dress     $100.00

Complete Refret (unbound fretboard)    $200.00

Complete Refret (bound fretboard)    $250.00

Refret Maple fretboard with laquer finish      $250.00

All work includes, material, crowning, polishing and full set-up.

Stainless steel and Gold frets extra.


Guitar/Bass (standerd bridge)    $10.00

Guitar (floating bridge)    $20.00

Polish frets, clean and condition fretboard, add $10.00 


Pickup Swaps

Install Pickup (Humbucker, P90, Single Coil)    $30.00

$10.00 each additional pick-up 

Install Undersaddle Pickup (Acoustics)    $60.00

Install soundhole Pickup (Acoustics)       $25.00

EMG Pickups (must bring in to evaluate)   

Truss rod, Action, and Intonation adjustments

Truss Rod       $10.00

Intonation (standerd bridge)    $10.00

Intonation (floating bridge)    $20.00

Adjust saddle height (electric)    $10.00

Adjust saddle height (acoustic)  $15.00

Balance Floyd Rose bridge     $15.00 

Replace Nut

Micarta   $30.00

Bone   $40.00

Graphite   $40.00

Tusg   $40.00

File nut slots   $10.00

Prices above include parts @ labor